Five club high heels for friday night

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Preparing for a party but want to look even more daring? Well then you may want to have a look at a few club high heels that would be ideal for funky friday night parties. We have picked some and went with the idea of going all out.

Of course you can always put on a classic pair of black pumps or heels with ankle straps, but then again everybody could be wearing them and you’re going to a party after all. So looking extraordinary counts. Thus picking some club high heels would be a good idea.

The funkiest club high heels

club high heelsFirst up we have these beauties. They are called Fuchsia Multi Printed Lion Head High Heels made out of faux leather. They combine the classic thin heels, the now ever popular toe platforms and ankle straps, complete with funky colors. The heel hight is 6.5 inches with 2.5 inch platform.

club-heels-2Now for something with less color but still packing a punch. These Gold Strap Platform High Heels will do the trick. They are certain to draw attention and look good on most club dresses. They also come with 6.5 inch heels and a 2.5 inch platform, made out of faux leather. Complete with grippy soles for dancing.

club-heels-3Going to a more official party? Well then keep it stylish but still flashy with a pair of yellow pointy toes high heels. Coming in at 5.5 inches heel height and a 1.5 inch platform they will be easier on your feet for the evening. Plus they will catch the eyes with their polished gold heels.

club-heels-4Ok, back to the sky high heels. This time something in a more darker color but with open toes because they just look good. These red multi printed pumps have 6.5 inch heels and a 2.2 inch platform. Their spikey heels may be a bit of a challenge for dancing but we figure when there’s will there’s now for something strappy. Well, a lot more strappy, like these sweeties. They have lots of straps in various colors and thin heels. Their height is 6.5 inches while the platform is just 2 inches. They would look good on more brightly colored and sparkly dresses. As club high heels go, these are winners.heels-clubs

Bonus club high heels: Are they opened boots, or maybe platform high heels with lots of straps? You decide but if you do want to look completely different form the pack these are the answer. Their heels are 6.5 inches while the platform is a generous 3 inches. They also have grippy soles for extra comfort.

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