Five dazzling celebrities from the Vogue and Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party

The Vogue and Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party in London gathered quite a lot of dazzling celebrities in high heels. Some of them were very stylish and we loved that.

For example check out Jessica Chastain. A pair of shiny black platform high heels was completing her already stylish outfit. Jesisca had opted for a minimalistic look with very few jewels, a clean-style black dress with white inserts and a dash of red lipstick. Nicely done.

Lily James went for the color opposite of Jessica. Her fully white outfit had a bit of a 70s vibe to it which is not that surprising since the 60s and 70s are supposed to be a trend soon. Even if they are not, the oufit Lily had chosen was easy to describe with one word – great. It was completed by a pair of golden strappy high heels.

Truth be told it was a bit of a challenge to know what high heels Mollie King had opted for. All we could see is that they were with a pretty generous platform, possibly wedges. The reason for this uncertainty was Mollie’s great full length khaki gown with a modern twist. We also liked the minimal make up Mollie wore, which is also becoming a trend which we can get behind on.

Alice Eve was another celebrity that attended the Vogue and Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party that we liked. Her chain-like dress was looking great as were her brown strappy high heels. Alice had also opted for minimal make-up and jewels. Stylish and effective.

What we can gather is that high heels are still cemented as celebrities’ top fashion picks for events. We also note that the make-up is becoming more and more minimalistic, which is also a nice thing. Overall the¬†Vogue and Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party which was held in London was a great kick-off to the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

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