Five high heel rules and should you actually follow them

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Five high heel rules and should you actually follow them
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As freeing and self-expressing fashion can be, it also has many rules. Some of them apply to high heels, too. But should you actually follow them or not?

Well, that depends on various factors. But before we can get into them, first we have to see these rules. They are the unwritten code by which many women abide or at the very least try to. But this doesn’t mean that it is mandatory.

The Five High Heel Rules

If you are short, wear high heels – sure, kind of obvious, no? Well, it doesn’t mean that you should strut on sky high killer heels all day every day. Actually, you shouldn’t do that, as you risk ruining your feet. Very the types and heights of shoes for better health. And only wear high heels if can walk good in them and feel comfortable. Otherwise it won’t end well.

High heels are only for slim, long legs – high heels can make legs look like a million bucks. They can do that for basically all types of legs as long as they are suitable. For example avoid ankle straps if your ankles are wider as that will make them look even more wide. If your feet are too slim and even skinny, then platform heels might look “heavy” and make you with “Mickey Mouse feet”. All of this means you should experiment and find the right shoes for your body.

Don’t wear too high… high heels – wearing sky high killer heels makes you look like you are looking for some action. At least that is what some people are saying. We know that is the case when we see a lady who is wearing such shoes but can’t actually walk properly in them and the rest of the outfit confirms it. But if a stylish, well-dressed woman is wearing a pair of sky high heels which she handles with style and ease, then there is nothing wrong in a pair of daring heels.

Don’t wear too high shiny heeled boots – think of Pretty Woman. Well, that notion is far, far gone these days. Fitted, thigh high boots can even be very stylish if worn right and paired with the proper outfit. They also look very confident. If you feel good in a pair of shiny high heeled thigh boots, by all means, go for it.

Don’t wear too high platforms or weird heels – Not all of us are Lady Gaga and we can’t really walk in Armadillo high heels on the streets like her. But if you want to experiment with something more realistic – go for it. You can look great in a pair of heelless heels, or funky looking high heels.

So should you follow these rules? If you do, the ones that know them will certainly notice and see that you know your fashion. It will also mean that you like to look good and see shoes as more than something to use for walking.

But you should only follow these rules if you can actually do them. It all varies depending on the given situation, your personal tastes and what works for you. Fashion is all about creativity and looking and feeling good in your skin. But we are all unique so what looks and feels good on one person, won’t necessarily look and feel good on another.

This all means that you should follow the fashion rules blindly. Instead be able to adapt them, customize them, even completely neglect them if the situation allows. If you don’t feel good and confident and even impressed by yourself, how can you then impress others and look confident in their eyes? Bottom line is, have fun and enjoy your high heels the way you want.

BONUS: The Golden Rule: There is one rule you should always follow, though. Your heels must be well matched with your outfit. Treat your shoes as the cherry or the icing to the cake. They are the ones that can make or break an outfit, but they shouldn’t be the sole attention grabber.

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