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Five impressive high heels collections

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To many people high heels are more than just shoes. Some have special attraction to them and can’t help themselves but keep on buying shoes high heels. In time they build great high heels collections that span in all kinds of heel types, shapes, sizes.

We’ve picked some of the more popular and impressive high heels collections and decided to share their beauty with you. Some of the shoes might seem weird to you but most are pretty nice we think.

High heels collections videos

First up we have the impressive collection of Niomi Smart. She gives a nice view of all of her high heels and then shows off some of them in more detail. She also clearly likes very high heels and small platforms. Not bad.

Next up is the high heels collection of DaringDareBear. Her collection is so big it’s actually split in two videos. She has a knack for artistic sexy high heels with more daring and impressive design. If you’re looking for ideas for some truly unique high heels, look no further.

Now for something more realistic. This is the collection of Fleur DeForce. Now she likes all kinds of heels but also gets a lot that are also for everyday wearing, long walks and etc. If you look for variety, then here you go.

Back to more elegant high heels. Misstorayray has a nice collection of mostly elegant high heels that would look good on most types of outfits.

And for a finale another high heels collection with various types of heels. Mostly elegant but in a wider variety of colors and shapes. Enough to give a little bit of extra punch to the outfit but not too much.

Do you have your own high heels collections? We’d love for you to share it.

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