Five natural ways to relieve pain from high heels

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Five natural ways to relieve pain from high heelsWearing high heels is awesome, but they can be painful. There are many ways to ease the pain from high heels. Here are five natural ways to relieve the pain from heels.

The tips are quick an easy and won’t take much out of your time. But they will provide you with some much needed pain relief and will make your feet feel better after a few hours on high heels.

The tips are coming from TheHealthSite, where people do know a bit what they are talking about health. We are glossing over the tips about making sure your shoes fit properly and the other types of remedies in order to lower the pain from high heels. We will be focusing on the natural remedies that everyone should know.

The first thing is to massage your feet. Sit comfortably and put for example your right foot on your left knee, with the shoe removed of course. “Use both the thumbs to apply slight pressure on arch of the feet, heel, and calf muscles, moving slowly and evenly. Massage in one direction (start from calves-heels- arch, repeat) for around one minute and then repeat on your left feet”, the site advises. Do this for a few minutes, then repeat for the other foot. You can also add essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary or peppermint. After you are done, simply rest for a few more minutes and your feet will be ready to go.

Another remedy is to freeze a small plastic water bottle and then wrap it in a cotton cloth. Sit on a chair and with a bare foot start rolling the bottle under the arch of your foot with a slight pressure. Do this for about five minutes, then repeat for the other foot.

Treating your sore heels to hot and cold water alternatively helps increase blood flow due to the heat, and the cooling effect reduces inflammation. Dip your feet in a hot water tub and let it remain there for a couple of seconds, next remove your feet and dip it into a tub of cold water. Do this alternately for five minutes to lessen the pain, the site advises.

Also do stretches. Stand barefoot in front of a wall at a hand’s distance. Place your hands on the wall and push. Lean forward with your right leg bent at knees, feeling a stretch along the back of your left leg and heel. Hold for 30 seconds; repeat with your other leg.

Finally, rest. Take longer breaks, even a day off if possible. If the pain persists and it’s not going away even when you are changing shoes, then it is time to visit a specialist for possible treatment.


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