Five random, but stylish celebrities in high heels from the last day

This past Saturday was a ay filled with lots of celebrity sightings. Here are some of the most stylish celebrities in high heels which we liked.

We’ve chosen five celebrities from random events. The main reason why we’ve chosen them? We think they look very stylish and elegant.

For example, Here’s Cher Lloyd. She was at the Pink Ribbon Ball 2016 in London. Cher rocked a very stylish long sequin dress. It featured black and silver sequins and looked superbly elegant.

Cher picked a pair of classic pointy toed pumps to complete the look. She kept her hair loose and opted for bronze eyeshadows and discreet lipstick. A very stylish look, we think.

Gal Gadot also rocked a sequin dress. She was at the premiere of Keeping Up with the Joneses in LA. Gal rocked a fitted gold and silver sequin dress.

She though picked a pair of sky high silver strapped high heels. The kept her hair in a bun and opted for more accenting makeup, also lookin stylish.

Elle Fanning went to the 20th Century Women premiere in New York. She opted for a yellow two-piece outfit with a crop top and a long asymmetrical skirt.

Elle rocked a pair of mesh golden high heels to complete the look. She also left her hair long and loose. Her makeup was minimal, just to accent her featured.

Emeraude Toubia looked very elegant for the Shadowhunters press event during the New York Comic Con. She rocked a short, fitted suede dress which she teamed with a pair of booties.

The booties were black with lots of holes and very high heels. Emeraude kept her hair long and loose. She opted for just a little eyeliner and accenting lipstick.

Katherine McNamara also looked superbly elegant during the same event. She rocked a very stylish burgundy suit. It was well fitted and teamed with a revealing lace top.

Kate rocked a pair of matching high heels. They were with pointy toes and very high heels. She also kept her hair long and loose, opting for a little eyeliner and nude lipstick.

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