Five reasons why you need to have pole dancing high heels

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Five reasons why you need to have pole dancing high heels
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High heels for pole dancing are usually thought in a very… special light. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with wearing them these days. In fact, they can be pretty practical. At least this is what some ladies are saying. And no, they are not strippers.

As you may have noticed, pole dancing has turned into somewhat of a sport in the recent years. There are competitions and trainings for it which have nothing to do with the usual idea people have in their minds when they hear the words. It is a very difficult and tiresome exercise for the entire body, while it makes you confident in yourself and your body.

This is why pole dancing has been on the rise and it has made the platform high heels, also known as, “stripper heels” much more mainstream. These days it is quite normal to see a lot of women wear them when they go for a night out. Other women publicly voice their support for this footwear. There is a very good reason for this. In fact, there are several good reasons.

These shoes feature latex or leather straps which keep the shoe firmly on the foot and make it a part of it. It means you almost can’t slip inside the shoe which makes them much more easier to walk with, dance and etc.

Secondly, they have grippy soles that provide extra grip on various surfaces. This also makes walking much easier.

Third, often the shoes have extra cushioning in the platform which, again, makes them much more comfortable. After all they are designed for dancing which means they must be both comfortable and durable.

Fourth, the platform gives you extra height which is great, and it minimizes the offset the heel makes on your ankle. This means you can be higher and not put too much extra strain on your feet and ankles.

Finally, well, they just look cool. Platform high heels are no longer simply “stripper shoes”. You can see them everywhere and in all types of shoes, like boots, pumps, lace-up shoes and etc. They are also available in many shapes and colors which adds another way to be unique, sexy and confident.

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