Five stylish and elegant celebrities in high heels at the Entertainment Weekly party during Comic-Con

The Entertainment Weekly party during Comic-Con in San Diego was quite busy. There were a lot of celebrities in high heels. Here are the most stylish ones.

Or at least the ones we liked the most. Since it was at a more casual event, the party allowed for some more simplistic fashion choices.

And the celebs didn’t disappoint. They opted for some simple, but stylish and elegant outfits and shoes. We chose five of them which we liked the most.

So, we begin with Candice Patton. She opted for a great orange leather mini dress. The dress featured a hug-me design and several belt buckles at the front.

Candice teamed it with a pair of black and green ankle-strapped high heels. She also opted for a minimal makeup look and left her hair long and loose.

Nathalie Emmanuel went for an interesting black-and-white asymmetrical dress. She added some color with a brown belt which had flower details on it.

Nathalie rocked a pair of ankle-strapped golden high heels. They added some extra elegance to her look. She also opted for an almost no-makeup look with only an accented dash of it. And she kept her trademark curly hair, too.

Cassie Scerbo on the other hand decided to be a bit more daring. She rocked a black suit-jacket with only her bra underneath. And she didn’t have any problem showing it off.

Cassie also rocked a pair of shiny, skintight PVC leggings to shape her legs even more. She also opted for ankle-strapped high heels. Cassie kept her hair long and loose, as well, but opted for more accenting makeup and red lipstick.

Halston Sage went for a more stylish and elegant look. She went for a classic little black dress with a twist. Or should we say with a few circles. The dress featured separate panels, held together by circles.

Halston teamed the elegant shoulder-less piece with equally elegant ankle-strapped high heels. On the whole, strapped heels seemed to be a preferred choice during the party. And this showed exactly for how many different outfit and styles you can rock them with great results.

Last, but not least, is Serinda Swan. She went for a simple summer striped dress. It also featured a brave V-neck and reached to he top of her mid-thighs.

Serinda teamed the dress with a pair of pink strapped high heels. They seemed a tad too big, but still looked great and complemented the dress quite well.

Serinda also opted to keep her hair long and loose. And she also went for a dash of accenting makeup without going overboard with it.

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