Five tips for finding comfortable high heel pumps

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Five tips for finding comfortable high heel pumpsHigh heel pumps are one of the most popular style of high shoes. Even so they can be a challenge for walking. Here’s how to find comfortable high heel pumps.

Pumps, as all high heels, can make or break an outfit. They can help you make a statement and look and feel like a million bucks. But they can also make your day painful and very long.

So, picking comfortable high heels is vital. This is even more important for pumps which don’t have straps and other additions to provide extra support.

First and foremost, look for quality shoes. This isn’t even a tip, but something that everyone should do. We are not talking about only buying premium designer heels. We are talking about looking for shoes that are well made with quality materials. They generally don’t cost $30 or $40 a pair, but they don’t necessarily cost $300 either.

A good way to gauge the quality is to see the rigidness of the shoe. Hold it at the heel and toe ends and flex it. The sole should be flexible and bend at the front of the arch but have a stiff bottom through the arch.

Also opt for pumps that have their heels under the center of your heel when you wear them. This is the best spot for balance. Pumps with the heel at the very pack of the shoe are not that good as they disrupt the balance, plus they make walking even more difficult as they change the place where you would normally place your foot on the ground.

Make sure there is enough room for your toes. Pumps with round toe boxes can squish your toes and make it painful. Pumps with pointy toes can also do the same if they are not the right size.

Also make sure the toe area is wide enough through the ball of your foot. The shoes should fit snugly, but not tightly.

As a general rule, wedge shoes distribute your weight more evenly and offer support all the way through the foot. But the drawback is they have limited sole flexibility which increases the risk of rolling your ankle over the side.

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