Five ways to wear ankle strapped high heels

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Five ways to wear ankle strapped high heelsDespite all trends, ankle strapped high heels remain one of the most popular types of heels. Since they are so loved, let’s see a few ways to wear them and mix and match them with various outfits for great results.

Ankle strapped high heels are so loved for quite a few reasons. The first one is the most obvious. Ankle strapped high heels are amongst the most comfortable heels to wear, especially for a long time when you will be walking and/or standing a lot. The reason for that is quite simple. Strapped heels are more sturdy and give much better support for the foot and ankle. This means it is far more unlikely for you foot to slip within the shoe itself or to slip out of the shoe. This makes walking much easier because you have a better support and you feel the heels as parts of your legs instead of wobbling on them.

Then there’s the sheer variety of styles. There are hundereds of different style of ankle strapped high heels. There are heels with two or more straps, thick or very thin straps, different colors, materials, shapes even. Basically ankle strapped high heels have become a small fashion industry on their own. They live within the world of high heels, but have so much options. This makes them ideal for pretty much every occasion and casual outings.

But, as much as ankle strapped high heels are great, you can do wrong with them. The thicker the strap, the chunkier your ankles will look. So if you are concious about your ankles, you will want to either stick to very thin straps, possibly even in brigher or nude colors, or how of more of your legs to create a more elongated and slim look and distract the eyes from the ankles.

Strappy heels can also make you look a little bit shorter since they add a horizontal line. One way to combat this is to wear platform strappy heels (but not too high of a platform) or fitted pants or a shorter skirt, to create a slimming effect.

Ankle strapped high heels also work great with long dresses, especially more formal designs. They add a little big of flare to the outfit, especially if the dress has a slit to show off your leg. Just be careful not to pull an Angelina. Be stylish and a bit teasing, not obvious.

These types of shoes are ideal for a causal day out, too. They can work great with a pair of jeans. Here you can also opt for thicker straps without being afraid they will make your ankles seem bigger. The denim has a widening effect anyway, so a thicker strap will actually look great. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors, too. You can even pair very dressy heels with denim and it would work out great. Shorts, either denim or leather, can also be a nice choice if you want to show off your legs.

Ankle strapped high heels are also a fine choice for the office. Pair them with a classic pencil skirt, a longer A-line skirt or even a leather skirt. A suit jacket, blazer or a coat and you have a timeless office look with a little bit of extra punch to keep things interesting.

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