Five ways to wear thigh high boots

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Thigh high boots are the ultimate footwear. They can be very daring and provokative, but also very discrete and unnoticable. Lets explore five ways to wear thigh high boots.

Quite a lot of women only see thigh high boots in the Pretty Woman movie light. While many… street workers do use over the knee boots as their footwear of choice, this does not mean that if you wear such boots you are immediately labeled as one.

Thigh high boots can actually be worn for many occasions. We have already looked at how to wear them casually. But what about the times when you want to make a statement? The times when you do want to own every room you enter. Thigh high boots are the way to go, but only when paired with the right outfit.

So here are five ways to wear thigh high boots

Actually the boots are that – boots. They look like boots. What the rest of your outfit looks like though will also model the overall look and feel of your boots. You can look very formal in a pair of thigh high boots, says AMI Clubwear. For a formal occasion you can match your over the knee boots with a knee length skirt or longer.

The goal is not to show even an inch of your leg above the boots. If only covered legs are visible, you will have a strong, confident look what will be sure to make people take notice. It will definately send a statement that you are knowing what you are doing.

But what if you want to make your thigh high boots even sexier? Simply slipping in a mini skirt or a very short dress is the obvious thing to do, but it can be a wrong one if not done right. You want to be sexy, not mistaken for a hooker, right? So pair your boots with a mini skirt, but don’t show too much leg. Instead go for a slim fit and just a little skin showing. Leave the mind wonder. It will work much better if you simply wrap your butt in the shortest skirt possible.

Over-the-knee boots are also great for cold weather. They can keep more of your legs warm. Cover them with nice dress pants and only you will know just how high your boots go. A long coat will also do great and will allow you to wear a more light fitting dress or even a summer blouse with a skirt.

According to AMI Clubwear thigh high boots will also work great with sweater dresses. The reason is that both itmes will balance each other out and look both sexy yet casual.

You should not treat boots as the main part of your outfit. They are accessories. So thigh-highs can transform your outfit. For example match a back and white outfit with colorful boots and put a small accessory on the outfit that is the same color as the boots. Earrings perhaps. You will steal all the attention.

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