Flat shoes are worse for your feet than heels

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You’ve probably heard it a billion times from everywhere: “High heels are bad for your feet, you should wear flat shoes, they are better”. Turns out that’s not exactly the case.

Now this may not be a big surprise to any true lover of high heels as they know that if you pick the right heels, they can actually be comfortable. But there are still many people who won’t believe you, especially when they see you rock your 5 inch stilettos. How about we bring in some science?

Here’s why flat shoes are worse than high heels

Flat shoes are the natual opposition to high heels. Because heels are blamed for various problems with the body in the long term, most women think wearing flat shoes would be a nice counter. For examples wear flats during the day and opt for heels only for special occasions. Sounds like a plan, right? Wrong.

Flats can be one of the main reasons for pain in your feet. Podiatrist Beverly Ashdown tells the Daily Mail that they can bring a lot of problems for the feet and overall posture. This is valid for all flat shoes especially the ones that offer little to no support of the feet.

A living proof of that is Michele Crow, a 41-year old teacher who now lives on painkillers. The reason – she wore flats all day long and now she can’t walk without experiencing paing. How is this possible? When the pain in her left foot became so serious she couldn’t step on it properly, she went to the doctor. “He said that wearing flat, unsupportive shoes, such as flip-flops and old trainers, had caused my arches to drop and the ligaments and tendons in the base of my foot to overstretch or tear”, says Crow to the Mail.

Ashdown says lots of women are in similar waters all thanks to flats. Most of them wear these shoes for longer during the summer and think the pain in their feet is due to the longer walks. Actually is due to the flimsy flats and flip-flops they wear. Flats create more tension and cause the arch of the foot to stretch more.

The specialist says, flat shoes, flip-flops, ballet pumps and Ugg boots offer no support for the arch of the foot, allow the feet to roll which messes up the entire posture of the body. This leads to increased pressure on the ankles, calves, knees and other joints and muscles. Do this for too long and you can actually bring damage to your bones and nerves. Ashdown says robust boots and shoes with very low heel that is also chunky are much better options.

If you have flat feet, then wearing flat shoes is absolutely the wrong thing to do. You will be much better off in sneakers or shoes that can give actual support to the arch of the foot.

So, when somebody tries to say to you their flats are better than your high heels, tell them they are very, very wrong. It’s better to be in heels than in flats actually. At least it the lesser of two evils. And heels look a billion times better. For healthy shoes, go for sneakers, but they are not our focus here, now, are they?

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