Flats are harmful to your feet at least as much as high heels

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Flat shoes are hailed as the great saver from the pain of high heels. But yet another specialist is saying they can be just as harmful if not more.

If you are a regular here on GlamorousHeels.com, you’ve probably read about this before. Now another specialist is saying pretty much the same thing. According to dr. Christine Wright, who is a podiatrist with Cornerstone Health Care, flat shoes can cause painful feet conditions.

In an interview for FOX 8, Wright says that typical type of flat shoes most women wear are damaging their feet. “The flat, flat shoes offer no support. Some of them, as I tell people, you might as well walk on cardboard all day,” said Dr. Wright. This can lead to Plantar Fasciitis, which is the most common issue Wright treats.

“What plantar fasciitis is is an abnormal strain or stretch of the long ligament that runs on the bottom of the foot – from the heel to the bottom of the foot,” said Dr. Wright.

Holly Petroff is a Certified Medical Assistant with Cornerstone Health Care who has experienced plantar fasciitis. “It was like a sharp pain. Almost felt like, when I would get up out of bed, a stone bruise on the bottom of my foot,” says Petroff.

Dr. Wright joins the many podiatrists who say that a shoe with a nice sole or with a low heel is the best to wear. “Usually I’m recommending not a flat but something with a chunky heel for dress – nothing that we are going to fall out of, or off, and break our ankle. And for casual, wear a really high quality running shoe,” said Dr. Wright. A slightly raised heel reduces the strain on the ligament, she adds.

The Plantar Fasciitis can be treated, but it also can reoccur. In order to prevent it, Dr. Wright recommends wearing supportive shoes and doing stretching exercises every day. She recommends sitting up with your legs out in front of you and pulling your toes back to warm up the plantar fascia before getting out of bed in the morning. Dr. Wright also recommends placing your hands against a wall and lunging backward one leg at a time to stretch your calf muscles.

We would also add that it is good to vary your shoes each day. Don’t just wear high heels or flats. Wear a mixed variety of shoes which both increases your fashion choices and keeps the feet more flexible.

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