Foot surgeon reveals the only high heels hacks which actually work

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Foot surgeon reveals the only high heels hacks which actually work
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There are a lot of high heel hacks out there. They claim they make wearing heels all day bearable and even comfortable. But one surgeon does not agree.

Dr. Hillary Brenner is a podiatric surgeon from New York. ThisIsInsider reached out to her to ask her about which high heels hacks are actually true.

The question came since one hack failed. It’s the famous tape your third and fourth toes together when you wear heels. This should eliminate much of the pain.

In reality, this would only reduce some of the pain if your heels’ toe boxes are too narrow. If the pain in your foot is at the heel, arch or ankle, this hack won’t do anything. So, with that in mind, you should apply the high heels hacks to a specific problem. And they won’t always work, since there are many variations and reasons for high heel pain.

Even so, it won’t hurt if you know these hacks and try them out. Who knows, maybe they will work for you. Dr. Brenner also adds her touch as a specialist in the area. She reveals several

ways to make heels more comfortable

“I always suggest wearing a custom orthotic that is made specifically for high heels,” she said. This means shoe inserts for high heels. They support the foot better and absorb some of the shock as you walk.

Also, make sure the toe box of the shoe can bend upwards. If it can’t, it means the shoe is too rigid and it’s best to walk away from it. Otherwise it will be pain. In the same time, you don’t want the shoe to be too flexible. So, you shouldn’t be able to bend it in half for example.

If you will be walking around or will be wearing heels for a very long time, opt for chunkier heels. They give more balance and are easier to walk around.

Finally, go for platform high heels. They absorb more of the shock and are lowering the angle of the heel. This means less pressure, more comfort while you still remain on those daring sky high heels.

And a bonus tip: If the shoes hurt even while you try them out in the store, then do NOT buy them. They won’t become loose or suddenly turn comfortable. Try other heels in various heights and sizes and eventually you will find the ones that are comfortable.

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