For some reason now it’s OK for celebrities to wear high heels, but not normal people

For some reason now it's OK for celebrities to wear high heels, but not normal people
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High heels are again in the focus of a great “attack”. A series of media publications seem to put the blame on heels for what’s wrong with today’s society issues for women. And blaming a fashion item for something like that is nothing short of ridiculous. Here’s why.

Lately there has once again been a big attack on high heels. It seems heels are again falling victim to other problems of society with people claiming you shouldn’t wear high heels, because they are bad, but not because of your health, but some stupid stereotypes.

Only celebrities are said to be OK to wear high heels, but “normal women can’t be bothered”. No, normal women are now being shamed because they want to wear high heels. Normal women are now being told they send a wrong message about all women when they wear high heels.

We will continue to repeat one thing: What you wear doesn’t mean you should be shamed by anyone. If you want to wear sexy high heels – go ahead. If you want to wear cute flats – go ahead. Or, if you want comfy sneakers – go ahead. But don’t go and say that others are ridiculous or wrong, just because they don’t share your opinion.

The scapegoat

There’s been another wave of negative articles about high heels by the media. They claim no one really wears high heels anymore. Really? It’s not what our eyes are telling us. In fact, around here there are more women than ever wearing high heels. They are just not wearing the heels that we’re used to associate with that word (thin, sky high and daring). Instead, they are wearing normal, sensible and stylish heels – shoes with chunkier heels, elegant heels and so on.

Claiming high heels are part of the reason why women have so many problems in society is ridiculous. That would be like saying the tires of a car are to blame for its engine not running properly. High heels are merely shoes. Yes, they are attractive and can be sexy, but it’s all about how you wear them.

These media publications are quick to blame heels for the way men perceive women. But what they neglect is that most men actually like women in jeans and sneaks just as much as women in skirts and heels, if not more. So, clothes and shoes have nothing to do with these problems. Nothing. It’s about the whole perception that those same media and movies and so on have created about women. Now these “creators” of that perception are just looking for anything and anyone to put the blame on – heels, attractive clothes and so on. But they won’t ever admin that “hey, maybe we created a bit of a warped perception of women with our content”.

High heel drama for nothing

Yes, high heels are not for everyone. They are an acquired taste. They can be very painful and uncomfortable when you don’t wear them properly. And sometimes your body is simply not responding well to them. But there are also people who love to wear high heels. They feel great in them. They wear them right, they feel comfortable and yes, even their bodies sometimes respond well to heels. It’s possible. We all have different bodies, ligaments and joints, so they respond differently to everything, including shoes. So, if you aren’t one of those people, please, please, please don’t make those that like heels feel bad for wanting to share their passion.

No, high heels are not only for celebrities. It’s definitely not OK only celebrities to wear high heels. That would be like saying only certain people are OK to drink wine. Let people live their lives. It’s just a shoe. A fashion accessory. it doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you any worse or better of a person for wearing or not wearing high heels. It just makes you feel better if you like it. So, let people be who they are. Wearing high heels or not won’t change or solve any of the real problems society has. For that, we have to look much deeper than clothes and shoes and we actually have to work together. Not divide ourselves into all type of categories which are now getting more and more ridiculous.

Sadly, we don’t see that happening for the foreseeable future. It seems like people are set on dividing themselves into categories and closing themselves into their own bubbles. It will take some time before everyone realize how wrong and damaging this actually is.

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