Four dazzling celebrities in high heels at the Captain America: Civil War premiere

The long awaited Captain America: Civil War movie is finally here. The premiere was attended by various celebrities in high heels. Here are four of the best.

The movie pitted some of the most popular superheroes of all time against one another. The feud has been debated by fans for years and now it has happened on the big screen! Naturally, the interest was quite big.

Celebrities flocked to the premiere in LA and looked their best. Since it is not a strict red-carpet event, celebs were feeling free to try out various fashion styles. There were a few misses here and there, but as a whole, we liked quite celebrities in high heels.

For example we quite liked Chloe Bennet’s outfit. It featured a fitted, red dress and matching red suede high heels. The dress was showing off Chloe’s curves which she was happy to model for the photographers.
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She had her hair in a bun and completed her outfit with a clutch bag. Overall a very simple, yet elegant and sexy look for Chloe.

Maria Menounos also looked fabulous. The TV host rocked a stylish blue suede dress that was reaching to her calves. She had her hair long and loose and was looking superb.

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Completing her outfit was a pair of gold high heels with thick straps. A great look for Maria.

Next we loved the outfit and look of Paris Berelc. She had also gone for a blue dress. This one though was much shorter and fitting along her body.

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She had opted for a pair of nude colored strappy high heels which were completing her outfit. Paris rocked her hair in a long ponytail and had some accenting makeup with smoky eyes.

One of our most favorite looks from the Captain America: Civil War premiere was that of Kelli Berglund. She rocked an interesting combination of a fitted suit top and matching very short hot pants.

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Kelli also rocked matching colored stilettos and a clutch bag. She also had an interesting asymmetrical hairstyle and accenting makeup. A great look for her.

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