Four simple ways to glam up every outfit

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Every outfit can look like a million bucks as long as you know how to glam it up. It can be very simple to do as long as you use the right stuff.

Actually it is better to rock a simple, plain outfit and then glam it up than to wear some elaborate fashion item and hope that it suits you and that you can make it work. The key to looking superb in a simple outfit are the accessories.

You absolutely must know how to pair your accessories properly so that they add up to the outfit and not ruin it. One thing that you must know from the get go – quantity is not the answer. A couple of accessories might have a much better effect than a whole bunch. It is also better that the accessories don’t really draw attention to themselves but simply add up to your outfit.

For example the belt. A properly chosen belt would add up to your look. For plum women it is better to use wide belts, while petite ladies should go for thin belts in bright colors  or even a metallic look. And yes, the belt can be added to a dress as an accessory to further show of your waist line.

Next the handbag. There are tons of choices. For a casual day out you have a lot of freedom and you could go for anything from big bags to clutches. For a more official outing, choose clutches. They can be bright and shiny for clubbing but should be a bit more restrained for a formal event.

The sunglasses. They can be style defining and can be big, small, butterfly, wayfarers, aviators, vintage, futuristic, you name it. Choose a pair that suits your overall look and shape. Bigger and wider sunglasses are more suitable for a causal day out, while for a formal meeting, opt a more modern, smaller look that oozes confidence.

Finally, the shoes. High heels are the easiest way to make every outfit seem and feel that little bit more special. Classic shapes and designs work with all types of outfits while wedges and platforms are for more casual events and parties. Pumps, stilettos and ankle strapped heels are for all occasions. Boots can also be great for any occasion. The easiest way to find something that works is simply to try out a few pairs and pick the ones that you feel look the best.

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