Four stunning celebrities in high heels from the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in Hollywood

The Pitch Perfect 3 premiere in Hollywood gathered quite a few celebrities. Four of them grabbed our attention with their stunning style and high heels.

The styles of the celebs were quite different, but impressive each to their own. They all opted for various dresses and footwear with impressive results.

One of them is Anna Kendrick. She wed in a backless leopard printed dress. The front of the dress was completely closed and it was quite a short dress, too.

Anna added some extra punch to her look with a pair of OTK, nearly thigh high boots. They were suede with leather stripes on the front mimicking lace-up caps. The boots though had long side zippers, pointed toes and some very thing and high heels.

Anna completed her look by leaving her hair long and loose and over one shoulder. She rocked accenting eyeliner and lip gloss, but without going too heavy with the makeup.

She though did look very confident in her dress and boots. As you can see by her look.

Someone else quite confident in her look was Hailee Steinfeld. She rocked quite an impressive body-hugging sequin dress. The sequin though was bigger and was covered in a black sheer fabric.

Actually, that fabric also covered Hailee’s top and arms. She continued the style with her footwear, too. Haile rocked  a pair of sky high Louboutin mesh heels.

Steinfeld also had her hair loose, but combed backwards and in lots of curls. She opted for a heavier makeup style with smoked eyes and accented lip gloss.

We were also quite impressed with Elizabeth Banks and her stunning red dress. It was again sequin and a very elegant, classic style.

The dress featured a high split over the left leg which helped showcase Elizabeth’s legs and shoes. She was rocking a pair of matching elegant red ankle-strapped high heels. Quite high at that.

Elizabeth though preferred a lighter makeup look. She only rocked a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss. That’s it. Easy, simple and memorable.

Last, but not least is Sofia Carson. She wowed us in an elegant purple metallic mermaid-style dress. That’s a mouthful, but the end result is simple – quite impressive.

Sofia looked stunning in the dress and she teamed it with a pair of sliver ankle-strapped high heels. The shoes had a small platform at the front for extra comfort.

Carson also left her hair loose, but in a straight and flowing style. She rocked accenting makeup with eyeshadows and lip gloss and looked beautiful.

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