Gal Gadot and Amber Heard look incredible at the Justice League world premiere in LA

The long awaited Justice League movie finally had its world premiere in Los Angeles. Gal Gadot and Amber Heard both star in the movie and were there.

Both of them looked great in their respective outfits. Both opted for different styles which reflected their tastes.

Gal usually prefers more bright colors. So, she was rocking an interesting two-style golden dress. The top part mimicked a Roman style with a cutout and a golden fabric.

The lower part of the dress transitioned into golden sequin skirt. It reached just to Gal’s feet and featured a high waist and a high split over the left leg.

Gal teamed the outfit with a pair of elegant black high heels. The shoes had crossed straps around the feet to keep them in place and featured elegant thin high heels.

Gagot preferred to keep her hair in a tight bun. She also went for an almost no-makeup look. Even so, she looked elegant and great.

Amber Heard on the other hand was a bit more brave with her style. She opted for a stunning long black dress which gave a ripped look. The dress also featured a long train on the floor behind Amber.

The intricate piece followed the body and had a daring split over the left leg leaving little to the imagination. Amber continued the style with her shoes, too. They were matching the dress with the same style, slightly transparent and with very high heels.

She had styled her short hair in an interesting way. Amber also opted for slightly more makekup, without going overboard with it. Both looked quite great, we think.

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