Gal Gadot and Jessica Chastain look very stylish in high heels and dresses for the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards

The 2018 season of movie awards is officially in gear. It was just the second day of the new year and the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in Palm Springs gathered lots of celebs including Gal Gadot and Jessica Chastain.

That’s quite the name. We’re going to call the even the Palm Springs IFFA for short. It was at that event where Gal Gadot wowed us with a super stylish dress and high heels.

Jessica Chastain also impressed in an elegant outfit and high heels. We also have a special mention for Salma Hayek who looked great, too.

First though, Gal Gadot. She had a great 2017 and hopefully will have an equally great 2018. Gal is certainly kicking the year off right.

She wowed in a very elegant long yellow dress at the IFFA show. It was an intricate dress featuring the now top trendy asymmetric top part. Then the dress flowed in a straight and fitted style all the way to the floor. It had a medium height slit on the left side to make walking easier.

Gal teamed the elegant dress with a pair of nude colored ankle-strapped high heels. It was obvious she didn’t want to draw the attention away from the high heels.

Gadot kept her hair in a bun and sported an elegant makeup style. It featured only a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss. Gal completed her look with a couple of jewels and black nail polish.

Jessica Chastain on the other hand opted for a long black dress with lace. It was an elegant dress featuring a deep V-neck and a matching inverted V-split at the front for the legs. The top and sleeves were black lace.

Jessica also opted for quite more daring high heels than Gal. She rocked a pair of platform strapped high heels with peep-toe style. And the heels were quite higher and thinner.

Jessica preferred to keep her hair long and loose. She went for a no-makeup style for her eyes, but rocked accenting red lipstick.

And a special mention for Salma Hayek. She impressed in a long, pleated green dress. It was a very long dress with lots of fabric, so her footwear remained well hidden.

The way Salma played around with her dress though made up for it. She looked great, happy and rested. Hopefully 2018 will be the start of an even better year for her, too.

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