Gal Gadot impresses in a pink outfit and high heels at Variety’s Creative Impact Awards

Gal Gadot is kicking off 2018 on a roll. For the second day in a row this week she wows in an elegant outfit and high heels. This time at Variety’s Creative Impact Awards.

After her busy 2017 with big name movies, this year Gal is going to mostly reap the awards from her work. She’s rumored for two new movies which are in pre-production.

So, we will probably won’t see much of Gal outside the award shows and special events. But that should be more than enough seeing how busy she is since the start of the new year.

Now Gal was at Variety’s Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to watch eventĀ in Palm Springs. She once again impressed us with an interesting outfit and style.

This time it was all about pink. Gal rocked a full on pink suit with an oversized style to it. It was also a classic shape and featured a jacket and a pair of wide suit pants. Even the belt was a matching pink.

Gal decided this is too much pink. So, she offset the color with her daring red top. It was a shoulder-less pieces with a brave cup-style and most of it was tucked into the high-waist pants. Even so, that was more than enough for the outfit to look elegant and great.

Gal then teamed the pink outfit with a pair of classic ankle-strapped high heels. They were of a nude color, not to draw too much attention. The heels were quite high, though, adding to Gal’s elegant and feminine silhouette.

She kept her hair loose and elegantly styled on one side. This time Gadot opted for more accented makeup with eyeliner and popping red lipstick. A couple of elegant and discrete jewels and Gal’s beautiful look was complete. Along with her lovely smile. Nicely done.

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