Gemma Arterton wows in a golden leather dress, high heels and a new look at the Woman of the Year Awards in London

Gemma Arterton showed off a great new look at the 2017 Harper’s BAZAAR Woman of the Year Awards in London. She wowed in a great outfit and heels, too.

Gemma’s new look was quite confident and powerful. It’s also quite different, so at first we thought it was Carrie-Anne Moss.

But it was in fact Gemma. She wowed in a quite elegant and impressive new look and outfit.

Gemma rocked a stunning fitted golden leather dress. The dress was shoulder-less, fitted and going all the way down to her calves. It featured a stricter design with a high collar and buttons along the front.

Gemma teamed the elegant dress with a pair of daring and elegant high heels. They featured an elegant strap around the ankle and toes and pin-like thin sky high heels.

The shoes definitely completed the elegant and confident look of Gemma. She was also carrying a black clutch bag and some rings to complete her look.

Gemma rocked her new shorter hair styled to one side. She also opted for heavier, accenting makeup and foundation which changed the shape of her face a bit.

Will Gemma keep this new look? We can’t say. Does it suit her? Definitely.

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