Gigi Hadid looks flawless in an elegant outfit and high heels for her Maybelline line launch

Gigi Hadid showed off a slightly updated look for her new Maybelline line party launch in London. She impressed in an elegant yellow outfit and high heels.

Gigi held the party at Hotel Gigi in London. She wowed in an elegant outfit and showed off her skills for posing for photographers.

It was definitely one of Gigi’s best outfits and impromptu photoshoots. She looked great and the result is easily visible in the photos.

Gigi rocked a tiny dotted yellow tube dress. It was a shoulder-less piece with a very short reach to the top part of the mid-thigh.

Gigi then also added an elegant long yellow coat. She wore it slouching behind her shoulder for most of the time to create a more elegant look for her. And she posed quite a lot like that, too.

Gigi also hadn’t neglected the footwear. She was rocking a pair of elegant golden high heels. They were covered in glitter and were a classic pump style. The shoes also featured elegant thin golden high heels.

Gigi kept her elegant look with her hairstyle and makeup, too. She kept her hair in a top bun with a few loose curls. Hadid rocked accented makeup without going overboard with it.

The end result was quite elegant. Gigi posed for quite some pics and all of them were stunning.

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