Gigi Hadid wows New York by rocking a pair of huge leather pants and high heels

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to bold high fashion outfits. Her latest choice though was as impressive as ever and featured huge leather pants and high heels.

And by huge leather pants, we do mean huge leather pants. The pair Gigi rocked while out and about, featured a very high waist line.

The pants also had very wide trouser legs. From a distance you could think Gigi is quite a big higher than she really is thanks to those pants.

She teamed them with a fitted black crop top. Gigi completed the look with a pair of stylish lace-up mesh high heels. The heels were very high, also adding a few inches of height.

Even so, Gigi rocked the street like it was a fashion show runway. She didn’t have any problems strutting in the heels while managing the excess material the huge leather pants were providing.

Naturally, that outfit quickly gathered a lot of attention. Soon, Gigi was surrounded by photographers and fans, but that didn’t distract her at all. She continued confidently on her way, rocking a pair of aviator sunglasses and her leather handbag.

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