Gillian Anderson sparkles in a silver dress and sky high heels for the reveal of her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You might be surprised to hear that Gillian Anderson just got honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We know we are and we thought this had happened a long time ago. Still, she finally got it and looked superb for the occasion.

Gillian finally got the recognition this week. She opted for a simple, yet very elegant outfit to go with the special event.

Her style was dominated by a long silver dress. It was a metallic-mesh like dress and looked simple and elegant. The top part was well fitted while the skirt flared and reached to the ankles.

Gillian rocked quite the impressive footwear to go with her elegant dress. She was wearing a pair of golden ankle-strapped high heels.

The shoes had impressively high heels which were very thin as well. They had no platform which made them look even more elegant and taller. Gillian had no problems handling the shoes and posing for many, many photos with her new Star.

She rocked her current short blond hair loose and elegantly styled back. Anderson also rocked her glasses with black frames for an extra smart look. She opted for minimal makeup and just few elegant jewels.

The end result is a great, timeless look. One that will look great even when you check this historic moment years and years later.

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