GILT shows which state is the capital of high heels

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Jesus Solana
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Jesus Solana

Have you ever wondered which state in the USA is the capital of the highest high heels? Where women rock the highest of heels? Well, now you need wonder no more as the guys and girls in GILT have the answers.

Drum roll… The heels are highest in Puerto Rico. The average high heel height there is 2.87 incehs. That’s 7.29 cm in the metric system.

Unsurprizingly Nevada is also another capital of the high heel. The ladies there are used to a little lower heels than Puerto Rico on the average – 2.72 inches. We think Vegas has a little something to do with that.

Third place is for Florida. The average heel height there is 2.46 inches. Texas scores 2.35 inches. Surprizingly though California is in the middle of the pack with only 2.25 inches. It seems there are not enough celebrities in high heels there to offset the difference.

Rather expected New York is also a fan of high heels. There average height there is just 2.09 inches. We think the fact that newyorkers like to walk on foot is the main reason for that despite the notion that the Big Apple is a fashion capital.

The most conservative states are Nebraska, Kansas, Maine and Vermont. The heel heights there go between 1.18 to 1.97 inches.

The research was conducted by Gilt’s Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert. He notes that he didn’t include boots and booties in the survey. We don’t know the reason for that but it seems a little surprising given the popularity of both boots and booties. But maybe that will be the subject of another surver. We’d love to see that one.

Another interesting fact that Elbert and Gilt data scientist Debbie Chung found is the most popular color for shoes. No surprises there it’s black. Stilettos are the preffered heel type.

Now here are the Top 10 states with the highest heels and also a neat infographic that gives some extra detail.

1. Puerto Rico: 2.87 inches
2. Nevada: 2.72 inches
3. Florida: 2.46 inches
4. Arkansas: 2.37 inches
5. Texas: 2.35 inches
6. Connecticut: 2.3 inches
7. Georgia: 2.28 inches
8. North Dakota: 2.28 inches
9. Michigan: 2.26 inches
10. California: 2.25 inches

You can click on the image to see the full view.

Gilt highest high heels in USA
Image credit: Gilt

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