Guess which shoes make you feel more powerful

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Special occasions require special attention to every detail, including footwear. So which shoes do you think make you feel more powerful? High heels and not flats.

Well, actually it is not that simple and a survey from Mic shows there is actually a connection between flats and high heels. As we know quite a lot of women love high heels. They really get a thrill out of these shoes. But in the same time quite a lot of women simply can’t wear high heels for long, nor it is advisable.

This year high heels have gotten quite a bit of a backlash. Flats have risen in sales, but the interest in high heels does not fade. Quite the opposite. Now heels are turning into the forbidden fruit. The thing you shouldn’t like but you do.

Actually, the survey by Mic shows that the more women wear flats, the more special high heels feel when it is time to wear them. Heels become an event within the event. We know they make you feel sexy, confident, but now it seem that when you wear them ore often, these feeling amplify.

“You look like you are dressing up and take your work seriously. You look like you are ready to take on a challenge instead of just being comfortable,” says a 31-year-old woman who is a participant of the survey.

“I give the impression that I put in more effort into my outfit than I usually do. In my field, heels are worn for special occasions or presentations and talks,” says one 24-year-old. “Therefore, wearing them means I am dressed for a ‘special’ event, or at least something I believe to be special or important.”

Ladies have different reasons why they feel more powerful when they wear high heels. For some it is the added height which is helping their confidence. Others like look. Some prefer the feeling of being special. For other it is a matter of several reasons all rolled into one.

Some women have an even more definite position. “Flats are less intimidating, more ‘girly’ as opposed to ‘womanly.’ They’re comfortable and always work-appropriate, but a simple pair of flats tends to make me feel younger,” said one 23-year-old woman. “I already look young, so it’s not ideal.”

Another lady says that heels force your posture and body to stand-up straight which also provides for a more confident look. This reflects in the way people perceive you which makes you even more confident.

All of this is amongst the reasons why successful women wear high heels. So, which heels would make you feel the most powerful? The ones you like the most and feel the best in them. They might be sky high, they may be kitten heels. They may have platforms, or not. They may be leather, suede, black, yellow, open toe, lace-up. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they make you feel great.

With that said, here are a few high heels you might like and will for sure be perceived as powerful by the people who see you wearing them.

For example check out these mid calf boots.

Boots also work great. Like these knee high stiletto boots.

Platform heels can be the ultimate choice if you want both extra height, style and feeling even hotter. Like these:

Here is a lower platform heel but ideal for clubbing.

And one last platform style, which is a bit more restrained and stylish.

And to wrap up our selection of high heels which can make you feel powerful, a couple of choices that are with lower heels, but high style. Like these Stuart Weitzman Queen pumps.

And here is the Stuart Weitzman Speedy sandal. Ideal for the hot summer weather.

Which heels make you feel more powerful? Let us know and stay tuned for more from the world of glamorous high heels.

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