Hailee Steinfeld and 4 other stunning celebrities in high heels at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards in LA

Celebrities descended onto the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards in LA. Five of them made us sure we will remember them for their outfits and high heels.

One of them was Hailee Steinfeld. She continues her run of fashion wins and made us notice once again. So much that we put her on the front of the headline.

Hailee rocked a metallic-golden outfit featuring a shiny shirt, and a matching short skirt. She oozed confidence and seems to become more and more confident in her.

She teamed the outfit with a pair of matching golden high heels. They were ankle strapped with very thin straps and looked very elegant.

Hailee again kept her long hair loose, which is one of her best looks. She added some curls and kept one part of it over her shoulder. A dash of smoky makeup completed her stunning look.

Another stunning celebrity was Dove Cameron. She opted for a short white dress with Victorian-like sleeves.

Dove opted for a pair of elegant black high heels and kept her hair in a tight bun. A dash of makeup completed her elegant and attractive look.

Next up, Sabrina Carpenter. She chose a provocative red jumpsuit made out of shiny lack leather.

The outfit had a loose fit, but looked great on Sabrina. She teamed it with a pair of matching red ankle-strapped high heels. Sabrina opted to keep her hair loose. She also went for a dash of makeup, accenting her eyes, but without going overboard.

We also liked Sofia Carson’s outfit. She rocked a long silver coat with a metallic print. Underneath, Sofia was wearing a short colorful dress, but it remained hidden for the most part.

Instead, she drew attention to her toned legs and stunning high heels. They were also in matching silver, but with a 60s vibe with thick platforms and heels. Sofia also kept her hair in a bun and opted for only a dash of makeup.

Finally, we also liked Kelsea Ballerini and her outfit. She looked very elegant in a fitted short black dress. The dress featured a left sleeve with studs.

Kelsea also rocked a pair of pink, triple-strapped high heels. She styled her hair back, but kept it mostly loose. Kelsea completed her look with some colorful makeup and looked very elegant.

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