Hailee Steinfeld looks superb in high heels both out and on stage

Hailee Steinfeld is one of the biggest celebrity fans of high heels out there. She often rocks superb heels both on stage and when she’s out and about.

Hailee showed us a great example of this these past few days. The young star rocked some great high heels when she was out and about in New York and when she was performing in Las Vegas.

Granted, stage outfits area always a bit overboard and bold. Not Hailee’s though. She rocked a full leather look with a shiny jacket and a pair of leather pants.

The outfit was teamed with a pair of black leather heeled booties. The boots featured medium block heels to make walking easier. It was definitely a great look for Hailee and one which you can see her rock off the stage as well.

A couple of days later Hailee was spotted in New York. She was taking a stroll and once again looked beautiful. This time she rocked minimal makeup and had gone for a short dress with stripes. It was looking casual and sexy at the same time.

Completing her look was a pair of black high heels. They featured peep toes and a quite high platform. The heels were chunky to make balancing and walking easier. Hailee had also opted for a small white purse. A great look for her, no doubt.

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