Hailee Steinfeld shows some amazing legs in high heels in Tokyo

Singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld continues to raise her fashion bar. She’s wowed with a daring but elegant outfit and high heels in Tokyo.

Hailee is at the Hearst Fujingaho Beauty Festival in Tokyo. She’s one of the special guests and did an interview on stage.

And she showed off her best fashion game at the event. Hailee managed to pull off a very tricky outfit mixing both casual, elegant, her own personal style and a style which is often seen in Japan.

Yes, that’s a lot of criteria to fulfill, but Hailee did it. And it seemed easy!

She rocked a striped top with matching hotpants. On top she put on a stylish black jacket.

Hailee completed her outfit with a pair of stunning high heels. They were also striped, matching her outfit. The heels were sky high with added ankle straps and peep toes.

The shoes looked very elegant and they showcased Hailee’s stunning toned legs. She oozed confidence and completed her look with some accenting red lipstick and a small dash of eyeliner. She kept her long hair loose and looked superb!

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