Hailee Steinfeld wows in purple robe and high heels at the 2016 SESAC Pop Music Awards

Hailee Steinfeld looked superb during the 2016 SESAC Pop Music Awards. The young starlet rocked a purple robe and stylish high heels to stand out.

Hailee showed that you can look stunning without always wearing short skirts or revealing dresses. Granted, it does take a little bit of extra effort, but it also bring is bigger results.

So for the occasion, Steinfeld was rocking a long purple satin robe. It was tied at her waist with a thin band and Hailee had her long sleeves pulled back to her elbows. It was definitely an interesting choice of attire which looked like a mix of something you would wear going to the sauna, but also for a casual day out.

It turns out it can also work for award shows, so kudos to Hailee for being brave enough to try the outfit out in such a setting. It worked out great for her.

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Being the high heel fan that she is, Hailee didn’t shy away from daring heels once again. She rocked a sky high pair of designer heels with a tin black ankle strap. The heels themselves were mostly orange with a silver strap at the toes and black outline around them.

They were also incredibly high and thin, but that proved to be no problem whatsoever for Steinfeld. She handled them with ease even while performing on the stage.

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Hailee had opted for a great hairstyle with most of her hair draped over her right shoulder. She had accenting eyes with eyeliner and some eyeshadows. The young celebrity had opted to balance her look out with a neutral shade of lipstick.

Overall it was yet another great outfit for Hailee. This one was a bit tricky to pull off and certainly would not look good on everyone, but she nailed it with ease.

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