Hailey Baldwin impresses in a slouched coat and stunning beige thigh high boots in LA

Hailey Baldwin continues to impress with her fashion style. Her latest stunning look was a couple of days ago featuring some great thigh high boots.

Hailey was at the Craig’s Restaurant with friends in West Hollywood. She opted for her usual impressive high fashion style.

Her outfit included an interesting mix of casual and provocative, just as Hailey usually does. It all started with a loose fitting, slouched coat. Or maybe it was a dress that looked like a trench coat…

Either way it was with an asymmetrical design and Hailey opted for the shoulder-less look. The coat was hiding the rest of her outfit, if there was any. Probably not.

To offset the slouched look of the coat, Hailey opted for a pair of well fitted beige thigh high boots. They were looking very elegant.

The boots had a medium thick platform and some thin very high heels. The boot shafts reached to about her mid-thigh and were a clean design, even without zippers.

Hailey completed her look with a bun hairstyle and a dash of accenting makeup and lip gloss. She also opted for a lot of gold jewelry and no purse. So, she had to carry her phone in her hand. Still, not the end of the world. On the whole, a good look for Hailey and one that shows how well you can balance out a daring pair of boots and a too casual outfit.

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