Hailey Baldwin looks superbly elegant in high heels and leather for a flight

Hailey Baldwin loves to be stylish and elegant at pretty much all times. Even when she’s going to the airport to catch a flight.

Hailey was all glamour with a provocative touch. While most of us opt for the most simple and casual outfits when traveling, Hailey decided to add her own touch.

The end result? A great mixture of both a comfortable outfit, but also an eye-catching one. It’s the Hailey style, after all.

She opted for a very long black coat which featured a plaid design with small stubs. Hailey rocked the coat unbuttoned which showed off the rest of her stunning outfit.

Baldwin also rocked a pair of black leather pants with a high waist. They were well fitted and added to her look quite well.

Hailey also rocked a black sheer shirt which showed off a little more of her. Finally, she was wearing a pair of nude booties. They had thick blocky wooden heels. They looked great and were comfortable for traveling.

Hailey kept her hair in a small bun and opted for aviator sunglasses. She looked quite happy and cheerful. Also she looked quite well in her outfit. An outfit which showed that it’s possible to look stunning with little effort for pretty much all occasions.

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