Happy New Year 2018 from GlamorousHeels.com!

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Happy New Year! One more is in the books and a new chapter opens. What do you want to write in it? We wish you that you have the best ink possible in the new year!

2017 was definitely an interesting year. Just as any other year it had lots of ups and downs. Lots of unexpected stuff also happened, some of which could change a lot.

As you’re gearing up for the new year, we wish you the most important thing – be healthy. It’s a vital component of your “ink” for the writing of Chapter 2018.

Also we wish you to be happy, to love and to be loved. Of course, we also wish you the best high heels!

As GlamorousHeels.com enters its 4th year, we hope to continue to see you around. If you, our readers, aren’t here, we wouldn’t exist. So, THANK YOU and we really hope you will stay tuned in 2018 as well. It’s going to be yet another very dynamic and interesting year.

Fashion will once again bring us lots of surprises. Lots of stuff will change. Celebrities will continue to be stunning, high heels will continue to be glamorous. And we will once again try to bring you the best out of both worlds.

And, hopefully, some new material, too. More fashion related news, if you so wish. In 2017 you really prefered celebs and heels more, but who knows. Maybe in 2018 you will also want something else? We will try our best to bring it to you.

As for the trends. It’s for sure going to be quite interesting. Asymmetric outfits are gaining steam, platform high heels are towering above most styles. Leather is still here and still quite popular. Boots are high and hot.

But it feels like something else is looming. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it seems like 2018 will bring us yet another big fashion trend. Hopefully it’s one that we all like and it’s about style and elegance.

In any case, fashion will for sure remain a great way to express yourself and how you feel. And it, especially high heels, will continue to help you tower above the hate and the tough moments. There’s nothing like a great pair of high heels to bring your mood right up. So, we also wish you to always feel as superb as you do when you rock your favorite high heels! Happy 2018!

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