Healing Heels – a project by a breast cancer survivor

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Healing Heels
Image credit: Healing Heels, Kickstarter

Breast cancer is a deadly and a painful disease, but it can be beaten. And some times high heels have a little something to do with that. Take for example the story of the creator of Healing Heels Lauren Wakefield who survived the battle with breast cancer.

Healing Heels is a new project meant to help give some support to people battling cancer. It is more of a symbol for support.

Lauren was only 26 when she was diagnosed. As part of her treatment she had to subject to chemotherapy. “When I heard I had to get chemo I had a major breakdown,” Wakefield told TODAY.com. “I was terrified.”

Naturally she told her best friend. Sidne Hirsch and Lauren are very close and she was devastated. Sidne wanted to support her in any way possible. One of her ideas was to get Lauren a present on her first day of chemo to make it less scary. Sidne saw a pair of 5-inch blue glittery shoes and spikes (the ones in the picture) that she liked.

The idea behind them was that Lauren will have something nice to look at while sitting in the chair for her treatment. “It was a crazy pair of glittery high heels that no human could walk in, they were ridiculous,” laughed Wakefield. “I knew in those shoes I was going to kick cancer’s ass.”

And this is exactly what happened. Lauren wore her heels for every chemo, a total of six. They were her motivation and inspiration to keep on going. Two years later Lauren is healthy and now want to start helping other women who battle cancer. In her own way.

So she and Sidne founded Healing Heels – a company that will manufacture sparkly and crazy shoes with the idea of supporting other women. Lauren believes that if other women who battle cancer wear the shoes while getting chemo will also seel inspired to continue their battle and simply feel a little bit better.

If their company catches on, Lauren and Sidne will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. It’s the small things that count and a pair of high heels not seem like much but they can be very important. “These shoes are something friends and family can give to empower their loved ones.  To inspire them to dig down deep and let out their inner superhero.  To give them something to look forward to.  And most importantly, to give them hope when it is so desperately needed”, writes Lauren.

“And to anyone who says a pair of shoes can’t change the world…think again.  Because they sure changed mine”, says she. We wish her project success.

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