Heather Watson and Bianca Gascoigne wow in latex dresses and high heels

Latex is definitely not the type of fabric you’d expect to see much of in everyday life. This though is slowly changing as celebrities start to embrace it.

A few years ago latex was pretty much reserved for those “special” clubs. Then Lady Gaga started to wear it for nights out and even for casual outings. Then Rita Ora also adopted the style and fabric.

Slowly, but surely, latex is creeping up on the main scene. Just like leather did. It was also a fabric which was worn a lot, but few admitted. Now leather is everywhere and has been for some time. Latex seems to try to do the same thing.

For the past few months, quite a few celebrities have opted for latex for their outfits. Just this past week we had at least two more. One of them was Guernsey tennis player Heather Watson. She made sure everyone took notice when she appeared at the annual WTA Pre-Wimbledon party at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London.

Heather was wearing an eye grabbing green pleated latex dress sporting the latest cutouts trends and little else. Completing her outfit was a pair of strappy high heels which were suiting her look quite well. Overall a superb outfit and look for Heather Watson!

The other celebrity was Bianca Gascoigne. The TV star and model was at the STK Restaurant in London and made sure it was a night to remember for everyone around. She rocked a skin-tight green latex dress. It was showing off all of Bianca’s curves, leaving little to the imagination while sparking the same quite a lot.

Completing her look was a pair of silver sky high stilettos and a matching silver clutch bag. Bianca looked like a million bucks and sure felt great. She even took the time to pose for a few photos.

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