HeelSecret tries to keep your high heels on your feet

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HeelSecret tries to keep your high heels on your feet
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Amy the Nurse

High heels are not the most easy to manage footwear. Especially when you’re wearing pumps that can easily slip out of the foot while you walk. Now this can be very problematic and very painful.

A new company called HeelSecret is trying to solve this issue. They have created a transparent insole and a strap that will keep the pump on your foot.

Sounds easy enough, right? HeelSecret is using a method that has been developed by Kiri Chapman. “That insole has a clear elastic strap that goes over your heel and forces your foot into the shoe,” says Kiri Chapman, founder of HeelSecret to Concentrate.

She is a student in the University of Michigan and is studying for a bachelors degree in dancing and also goes for a certificate in enterpreneurship. She also loves to wear high heels but came across with a problem.

Before coming into college Kiri was dancing for a professional ballet troupe. When she began college and started to wear high heels more often she saw that she couldn’t get that perfect fit she always wanted.

So she started to play around with her shoes trying to make them fit better. Slowly she developed HeelSecret. The insole fits into the shoes. Then you place the strap over your heel. The straps are transparent so they won’t be easily seen from people. But they are going to keep your high heeled shoes securely fit to your feet.

Last month Kiri won second place in the student portion of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition. She won 5000 dollars in seed capital which she will use to perfect her prototype soles. They are currently patent-pending and will soon be ready for the public.

Then you will hopefully finally have a nice and comfortable way to wear your high heels and keep them on your feet.

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