Heidi Klum launches her new Swim fashion line in daring leather and heels

Supermodel Heidi Klum launched her new Swim fashion line in New York. She opted for some daring leather and high heels to wear for the special event.

Heidi held the event at Bloomingdale’s in New York. She made sure you will notice her with her outfit.

It featured an interesting combination of a very casual knitted trench coat and a fitted grey shirt. But they were just to balance out the rest of Heidi’s outfit which was on the opposite scale.

Heidi rocked a stunning short leather skirt with an asymmetrical line and a golden zipper. The skirt was with a very tight fit.

Heidi also rocked a pair of classic black fishnet stockings to add even more “punch” to her look. To complete the look, Klum opted for a pair of Louboutin ankle-strapped high heels.

She looked quite impressive and of course posed for a lot of pictures from the event.


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