Heidi Klum oozes provocative style in a tight leather dress and high heels in NY

Heidi Klum knows how to look stunningly good with as little effort as possible. Or at least she makes it seem like little effort which is the key.

One of the latest great examples of this was a couple of days ago when she was going to a meeting in New York. Heidi was all business, but also opted for a stylish and provocative look, too.

It’s one of the trickiest looks to pull off right and not overdo it. But Heidi managed quite well and achieved a stunning result in the process.

To pull of the provocative-but-stylish and elegant look, you need to pay attention to pretty much every detail. Heidi did just that starting from her hair, all the way down to the high heels.

The main attention of her look though was grabbed by her outfit. It was a very simple one to describe – a classic black leather tube dress. But, once again, it was all about the details. The dress had a tight fit and thus had a provocative split over Heidi’s right leg. And the dress also featured a special fabric strap that went from one side, above the shoulder and swooping down to the other side.

Heidi opted for a pair of classic pump high heels. They were black, suede, with pointy toes and thin sky high heels. Something, Heidi handled with ease.

Then back to the hair. She styled it with a lot of volume and kept it loose in the wind, looking classic and glamorous. Heidi also added some heavier makeup featuring accented silver eyeshadows. She then balanced it out with nude lip gloss.

A few silver jewels and a big, snakeskin-print shoulder bag completed Heidi’s stunning look. Happily, she managed to keep it away from the NY rain and looked stunning in the process.

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