Heidi Klum roars in leopard high heels at America’s Got Talent kick off

Heidi Klum is still on the top of her fashion game. She showed us this is true at the kick off of Season 12 of America’s Got Talent where she wowed in a great outfit.

Heidi roared in a pair of great leopard high heels. They featured a medium height platform and a darker shade.

The heels were thin and very high, placed at the very back of the shoes. They had pointy toes and were fitting great on Heidi’s feet.

As you can imagine, Heidi didn’t have any problem handling these heels. Even if they looked challenging, she looked comfortable and confident in them.

The heels were a great match for Heidi’s entire outfit. She opted for a short purple suede dress. It was well fitted and added attention to Heidi’s supermodel legs. She also teamed it with a wide purple belt.

Heidi opted for a pair of massive golden earrings and added even more wide golden rings and bracelets. She even rocked golden aviator sunglasses.

Heidi opted to keep her hair in a ponytail. A dash of accented makeup and red lipstick completed Heidi’s stunning look. She looked great and she knew it.

And it’s a startling difference with the outfit she came to the event. She opted for a summer dress and wedges and looked casual, but still elegant.

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