Heidi Klum’s guide to being sexy

If anyone knows how to always look sexy it is Heidi Klum. She manages to look great all the time no matter the occasion. She reveals how you can do it too.

Speaking to InStyle Heidi Klum has revealed her guide to be sexy. Recently she has released her new lingerie collection called Heidi Klum Intimates. It features her favorite styles including a “Tweety Bird yellow”.

Even though she has spent a lot of time on the runways and becoming one of the most famous fashion models ever, Heidi says her real passion is something different. She tells InStyle she loves design.

“I’ve always had my finger in design. And before I won my modeling contest I was actually going to go to design school—that was my original plan. Then when I won my modeling contest I did a little detour for 20 years and now [as a designer] I’m doing what I have always wanted to do. It’s weird, but it’s true!”

So when does Heidi Klum feels most sexy? “A garter belt, stockings, and high heels. I love lingerie. And I love anything super hot. That’s super hot.”

You don’t need to have the body of a supermodel to wear something like that either. You actually need only one thing – confidence. Be confident in yourself, in your look and no matter what you wear, you will always be sexy. Naturally high heels and lingerie add that little bit extra.

Need some extra inspiration? Check out Hedi Klum’s Intimates collection for ideas.

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