Hello Kitty high heels want to call your inner geek

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Hello Kitty high heels want to call your inner geekHello Kitty is one of the most popular animated characters that has a lot of fans even amongst grown ups. So a pair of themed high heels sounds about right.

Saniro, the rights holder for Hello Kitty, has collaborated with IROnna, a designer company. The result is not onebut four pairs of high heels that are themed with Hello Kitty graphics and designs.

My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and even Gudetama are in the lineup as well. The shoes will be a Japan exclusive for the time being, although if you are a big Hello Kitty fan, that probably won’t stop you getting your hands on a pair or two… or four.

Don’t expect to find them in the stores, however. The Hello Kitty high heels will be made per order. If you order a pair now, it should be ready for shipping by February 2016. There will be a special pre-order event until January 12th.

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