Here are 9 tricks supermodels use to last longer in high heels

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Having trouble with your heels? Here are 9 tricks supermodels use to last longer in high heels and feel more comfortable in the challenging shoes.

If you wear high heels all day long often, then you know how difficult it can be. It is also not very healthy as podiatrists agree that it is best to wear different shoes and vary their height and form throughout the week.

Supermodels also often have to wear heels for a very long time. Even if they are used to it and very fit, it can still be challenging. So the Liverpool Echo has found out 9 of their tricks for lasting the day in high heels without having to experience the discomfort of taking them off and walking barefoot.

The first tip is to avoid shoes with thin soles. They will bring pain to the ball of the foot. Heels with a thicker sole or a small platform would work best, especially if you have to stand or walk for most of the day.

Second – add gel cushions to the inside of the shoe. They will help you feel that little bit better and more comfortable. They are especially important if you have chosen shoes with thin soles after all.

Third, pick high heels that are made out of quality materials. Leather would be best. It is comfortable, supple and won’t irritate the skin of your feet as plastic will do.

Next, do not chose brand new shoes for a day where you will be standing or walking a lot. Instead, opt for heels that are already broken in and have taken the shape of your foot. Otherwise it will be painful and uncomfortable for you. If you do want to wear your sparkly new shoes, spend a few days before the event, breaking them in by walking in them at home for an hour or so a day.

Also, don’t neglect making a few exercises before putting on your heels. Here are a few that are made especially for that. Also, here are a few for when wearing high heels.

The sixth tip tells that you should use some deodorant on your feet before putting the shoes on. This will reduce sweating which in turn will reduce the risk of blisters.

If you have a pair of shoes that irritates your feet, but looks awesome, you can use a nail file to rub away any possible rough edges inside the shoes. Then add a very thin layer of Vaseline to ensure nothing will irritate the skin of your feet.

The eighth tip is a classic. Simply tape the third and fourth toes together. Here is a little bit more info on why this is considered to be among the ultimate high heel secrets.

And finally, at the end of the day, remove your shoes and give them a nice cold wash. This will help reduce the swelling. Then apply some skin cream and you are good to go. Here are some more tips on how to take good care of your feet for which they will thank you big time.

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