Here are the most preferred types of high heels by women

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Here are the most preferred types of high heels by women

The custom shoe company Shoes of Prey revealed its study to show which high heels are most loved by women and what are the heels women wear most often.

The survey has been carried by Shoes of Prey in Australia. It gives a good indication what women lie though, not only Down Under but globally, too. For example the average high heel height in Australia turns out to be 8.3 cm, but the average global height is 7 cm or 2.7 inches.

Ladies in South Australia prefer kitten heels at 5.5 cm or lower. The biggest lovers of high heels are Victorian women who’s average high heel height is 10 cm or even higher. New South Wales is second with preference for high heels between 7 cm and 10 cm.

According to Shoes of Prey there is one very simple and good reason why there is such a vast difference. These days there is a lot more freedom in fashion and in fashion choices. Women can now choose among many high heel heights that suit them and feel comfortable. All of them are considered fashionable which wasn’t the case a few years ago when only a few certain types of high heels were accepted as fashionable and the others were either “too sexy” or “too modest’. Now all high heels are equal.

The company also notes that there has been a global decline in the average height. Over the past two years the average height has gone down with more than a centimeter. The height is no longer the driving factor of high heels, says Shoes of Prey. Now this title goes to the customization.

More and more women prefer to have a custom personal touch to their shoes. That might be the height, but more often is the type of the heel or the print and color which are the most often customized parts of a shoe.

Most women take cues and inspiration from fashion bloggers and street stylers who give them ideas on how to add that small, but definite personal touch. They also show women that there’s no need to carbon copy all trends and you can add or remove something to make them truly suit you.

So the takeaways: women now prefer low-to-medium heights for their high heels. The ultra high killer heels are reserved for those very special occasions, not for the usual Friday-night clubbing. Despite the wide choices, thin high heels are still most liked. And finally, women are now much more open to the use of various colors, prints and materials, especially if they can customize the shoe to fit their preferences.

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