Here’s how celebrities prepare for wearing high heels at red carpets

Celebrities spend quite a lot of time in high heels in various red carpet events. These are quite tiring so celebs have to prepare properly for them.

If you have ever worn high heels for a special event, you can relate to the celebrities. But imagine doing that sometimes every day. Especially when you will have to deal with often very tight or way too long dresses, steps, lots of standing around posing all rolled into one. Without special preparation you will have a lot of problems to solve.

So USA Today has talked to a few celebs and their helpers to find out exactly how they prepare for wearing high heels at red carpet events. The old Latin saying holds ground even here: Victory loves preparation.

Celebrities spend a lot of time testing the shoes they will be wearing for the event. They mix and match, fix, fit, customize and do whatever is needed to be sure they will have a pair of high heels, that no matter how tall or thin, will be possible to manage for their feet.

At the 2015 Oscars ceremony for example, Jennifier Aniston came in a pair of very high and very thin high heels with ankle straps. But Jennifer didn’t leave her house wearing these shoes. She came to the venue in flip flops and her four-inch heels were in a bag until she got there. Thus her feet were relaxed just up until her it was time for the big show.

Margot Robbie did a similar thing. Even at the rehearsals on Saturday. She wore her sky high killer heels only for the stage and changed out of them after her segment was over.

Nicole Kidman on the other side chose to walk the Oscar floor barefoot on Saturday. She kept her heels in her hand and put them back on after she stepped off the stage.

Naturally celebs can’t do that when the official event is underway. This is where their proper shoe choice and preparation really pays off.

You can be rest assured that all celebrities take good care of their feet. You should too. Celebrities also spend a lot of time training to properly wear high heels until it is like a second nature. This is helping them look good but also keep their feet and posture in shape.

It is all about the practice and preparation. So if you have a big event coming up. Spend a couple of hours or so in the days before it to wear the chosen pair of high heels at home. This will help you get used to them, break them in. This will be better than to trying to minimize the time you spend in them. Also don’t forget some classic tips to prevent or minimize high heel pain that you may encounter.

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