Here’s how Taylor Swift deals with backstage nerves

Big stars have stage nerves even after they have been doing it for years. It’s just the way it is. Taylor Swift has a great way to shake off the nerves though.

She was recently filmed by a fan backstage just before hitting the stage for one of her concerts from the 1989 World Tour.

In it you can see Taylor rocking out in her high heeled ankle booties on one of the most classic pop songs ever. Is she just practicing her moves right before the show? It doesn’t seem like it.

What is seems is that she is simply having a little fun to relieve stress and feel better. Needless to say show went great.

Taylor dancing before hitting the stage. Benefits of sitting to the side of the stage. #TaylorSwift #1989worldtour

A video posted by Rhiannon Marcinek (@rhimarcinek) on

This shows there’s no wrong time and place to feel yourself. And also check out Taylor Swift’s love for high heels that recently got upgraded even more.

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