Here’s how to make party shoes more comfortable

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Here's how to make party shoes more comfortable
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Wearing high heels at parties is a must for many women. Party shoes tend to put style first comfort last thus giving ladies quite a bit of pain during parties.

We have had lots of articles how to make high heels more comfortable and pain-free in different situations, but there is always more. For example the time where you just *must* wear this pair of amazing heels even though you know they are not comfortable for you.

But there is always a way to ease pain. Actually many ways, as Daily Mail has found out and tested. Here are some of the most effective ways on

How to make party shoes more comfortable

Tip 1 – Take some tape and… tape your third and fourth toe together. This will ease the pain quite a lot when you are wearing pointy shoes. Sadly it works only for heels with closed toe boxes so thetape remains hidden.

Tip 2 – Works on leather and suede heels. Put on a pair of thick wolly socks and then put on the high heels in question. Grab a hairdryer and start heating the shoes up. While doing so flex your toes to loosen the leather. Then continue to wear the shoes until they cool off. Now try them if they fit better. Repeat a couple of times if needed. Also be sure to apply some leather conditioner to prevent damage.

Tip 3 – Some high heels have quite uncomfortable seams on the inside. When wearing the shoes the seams keep rubbing on your feet creating discomfort. Supermodel Marie Helvin says you can use a nail file to grind the seams and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the area. It may be a bit fiddly getting to the seam inside the shoe, but the results are worth it.

Tip 4 – If your shoes irritate parts of your fet, then apply some Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Sore Spots. Even if the thing has quite the name it will do the job and make your feet feel much more comfortable in the shoes.

Extra: Some say that if you put plastic bags inside high heels and then put them in the freezer for a night, this will stretch the shoes. Well it can work, but not always. It works best for leather and suede boots, not pumps. Also you need thick bags, not the thin little nylon ones they may put your bread in at the shop.

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