Here’s how to wear your high heels this summer

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The summer is finally here, at least for us lot in the Northen hemisphere. The nice weather gives us a lot of possibilities to mix and match our high heels.

So what are the perfect settings to wear your platforms, wedges, stilettos and so on? Well, lets take a look how to wear  your high heels this summer, shall we?

A properly matched outfit and high heels can make all the difference in making you look like a million bucks. While that is important, it is not difficult despite what a lot of ladies are made to believe.

Stilettos for example are the most popular type of high heels. Technically they are made for parties, official events, formal settings. This doesn’t stop women of all ages to wear them for a casual day out, going to the club and so on. Stilettos always make your leg look longer and slimmer. They also have that attractive sexy look which can’t be shaken off. So if you don’t want to draw attention, then leave them at home.

If the attention doesn’t bother you or you are actually seeking it, then this year stilettos are to be paired with long and voluminous full length dresses and short skirts, i.e. the two best ways to pari a stiletto ever.

On the other hand of the spectrum are the wedges. They started their life as a casual only footwear ideal for a day out and about. Lately though wedges have started to make their way to formal events, too. Unlike the stilettos, wedges can make your feet look a bit chunky because they are a full block under the foot. So if you don’t have a very slim frame, don’t pair wedges with skin-tight outfits as they will make your feet look clunky. Instead opt for casual flared dresses, looser pants.

The same can be said for platform high heels, but only to an extent. Since they do have the benefit of extra air between the ball of the foot and the heel, they can work with tight fitting pants and dresses, too. But be aware that they are also even more provocative looking than stilettos, so you will be getting quite a few looks from the guys.

Gladiator shoes are also upping their popularity. Mabye because celebrities like Kendall Jenner are big fans of theirs and often wear them. Gladiator shoes can come in the form of a low-cut sandal or even as high as an over-the-knee pair of boots. Either way, they are meant for clubbing and casual-but-sexy outfits. They are a nice way to offset a plain dress or a maxi dress or a skirt.

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