Here’s the formula which will tell you what high heels are good for you

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Wearing high heels can be very pleasant, but also very painful. The line is thin, but a very simple formula can help you find what heels are good for you.

You might think that the lower the heels, the better. But, if you choose the wrong heel for your feet, the height doesn’t really matter.

The pain is not directly related to the height of the shoe. It’s has more to do with the overall shape of both the shoe and the foot.

This is why sometimes a pair of kitten heels can feel like walking on spikes while a pair of sky high platforms is even comfortable. Podiatrist Emma Supple says she has developed a very simple formula which will allow you to find out what types of high heels are good for your feet. And you can use it with ease.

She calls the formula the Perfect Heel Height (PHH) and uses it on a daily basis to help women find comfortable shoes. “Some women are simply built for wearing sky-high heels, while others will be uncomfortable in any size of heel”, she sais to the Daily Mail.

She says the statistics are clear. The main reason why most women experience pain while they wear shoes is because of their wrong choices. Yes, you can feel pain in sneakers, too, if they are too tight for example.

Emma says she wouldn’t recommend more than three inches for day-to-day wear. This is even if your measurement suggests that four or five is perfect. Heel position is also vital. The heel of the shoe ought to be directly under the heel bone for maximum stability.

So, what is this Perfect Heel Height formula?

Sit on a chair, get a tape measure, a pencil and a friend. You will need help for this one.

  1. Take off your shoes, sit down and hold one leg straight out in front of you, relaxing your foot. If your foot sits naturally at a right angle to your outstretched leg and does not dangle, then you have less mobility in the talus and will be more comfortable in flat shoes than in high heels. If the top of your foot falls forwards, in a straightish line following your leg, you are a natural heel wearer.
  2. Now you have to find your optimum heel height. Get a friend to help stretch the tape measure from your heel in a straight line parallel to the floor. Then place a pencil at the ball of your foot at right angles to the tape.
  3. Reading the tape measure where it hits the pencil will give you your ideal heel height.

The Perfect Heel Height formula

Then all you have to do is check the height of your favorite shoes. And while the height is important, what’s also important is the size. Make sure you wear your right size.

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