Here’s what outfit and high heels to wear for New Year’s Eve

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Here's what outfit and high heels to wear for New Year's EveNew Year’s Eve is almost here and it means a long night of parties. Choosing the right outfit and high heels is even more important to last the night.

It is easy to get way to excited and opt for your most provocative or daring outfit and high heels for New Year’s Eve. Everyone will want to look their best after all. But while this may be the case, this night is special not only because of the occasion but also because of the longevity.

Most New Year’s Eve parties start at normal times for parties – 9 PM or 10 PM and then they last all the way to the morning. Sure, for some of you party-pros out there, it may not be that big of a challenge. But quite a lot of ladies simply won’t be able to handle the tight skirt and towering high heels for this long because they simply are not experienced enough.

Then again, it is only one night and a special one, so you should be good, right? Well, here are a few outfits and high heels ideas for New Year’s Eve which should allow you to both look superb and also be as comfortable as possible and focus on partying instead of pain in your feet.

How about opting for a maxi dress? There are countless of styles and designs and you can find one that brings the perfect balance for you between cleavage, tightness and fabrics. If you feel comfortable in one, a classic little black dress (or a similar style in an other, more daring color or fabric) will also look superb.

Then again, there is nothing wrong with a pair of satin pants, lace top and a jacket, too. This outfit also looks good with high heels and would be much more comfortable for dancing, although nothing beats the visual spectacle of a dancing woman in a stylish dress, even though it is much more difficult.

Don’t go too overboard with jewels and accessories. Keep it simple as it will be easy to lose something in the rush of the night. A simple clutch for your valuables and earrings and a ring or necklace is more than enough.

Now for the high heels. It first depends on the type of event(s) you will be attending. Will there be seating? Will you be partying on the town square or in a club? Is it a more formal setting? Will there be coworkers or business partners or just relatives and friends? All of this has an effect in your decision as you want to look the best and also be comfortable.

Next is the outfit you have chosen and what shoes will work best with it. Versatile choices are classic pumps and stilettos that will work with all outfits and occasions. A slightly more daring alternative are the lace-up high heels or booties. Boots are also a great choice, especially if it is cold. They also provide more support for the ankle which makes it easier to walk and dance, plus lower the discomfort in the feet. Plus, they allow you to wear thicker socks for extra warmth and comfort.

If you want to attract attention – opt for shiny boots. If you want to be stylish, choose suede or leather ones (but not shiny). Boots are opposite to skirts – the longer they are, the more daring they are, so keep that in mind, too.

Also, a good tip is to choose high heels that are expensive, but comfortable. Cheap heels might not last the hours and hours of dancing, plus they are most likely made with cheap materials which won’t be comfortable. More expensive heels on the other hand are more durable and made of premium materials which would be much better on the feet. Be careful though, as some very expensive designer high heels are not really made for walking, so choose wisely. Above all, have a great time and a Happy New Year!

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